Home-Based Businesses And Their Benefits

One of the initial steps as an entrepreneur started from home, namely opening a business from his own home. Many successful entrepreneurs who started their careers from home. Having a home-based business has a lot of benefits, one of which we can save on business investment. This is because we do not need to rent or buy a place for business activities that we will start.

In addition, for housewives having a home-based business, it is very helpful in finding additional economics, besides that it can also pay attention to their child’s growth. Home business can be used as a part-time business that can add to the main income, but some home-based businesses have switched functions as their main income. A side business if managed seriously will develop into an industry.

Home businesses compared to other businesses have many benefits including:

  • No need to pay for renting a place and no need to pay for transportation. If you spend not so much, not every day out of the house.
  • Don’t feel worried about the time because the time is more flexible. Especially for housewives will be more and free in watching over their baby.
    In running a business there is no need to use age, gender, ethnicity, disability, etc.
  • Can reduce production costs, namely by dealing with using labor that involves husbands, friends, relatives or helpers.
  • Not bound by regulations, because we are not controlled by anyone. Here we can be our own boss.
  • By opening your own business we will get experiences that we have never experienced before.
  • Can achieve profits if the home business can be made as a stepping stone because from a home business can start a bigger business.
  • If work in another place at any time can be exposed to termination of employment (FLE), but in our own business we manage it all is not possible.

That is the benefit of a home business. For that, let’s start our business from home, hopefully we will succeed.…

Tips on How to Take Care of the Right Baby Hair

Naturally, if we are confused with baby hair apart from being smooth and soft, baby hair often makes mothers anxious about its growth. There are long black ones, but some are thin and red.

Baby hair growth is influenced by several things including:

  • Genetic factors. This cannot be manipulated because this factor is very influential from his parents.
  • Nutrition intake. What is meant here is that if the child is malnourished the hair will look dry, red, and easily fall out.
  • The influence of hormones such as babies at birth who have dense hair is probably due to the influence of the endogenous hormones from their mothers.
  • Environmental factors also affect baby’s hair, where high levels of pollution and sun exposure can cause damaged hair. In addition, unhygienic environmental factors can cause dandruff and seborrhea which can make hair loss.

In addition to hair growth is influenced by several factors, baby hair is also influenced by how to care for it. The treatment of baby’s scalp and hair is very important and very simple, which is enough to cure it

The best and right ways to massage baby hair are as follows:

  • Rub gently with gentle movements to the entire scalp, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water or room temperature.
  • For small babies, wet your hair with a fine spray or by pouring a cup of water. Add one two drops of shampoo and rub gently until foamy. Do not shampoo about his eyes. Rinse thoroughly with a spray or a cup of water.
  • For babies who can stand up, use a special hat that protects the eyes from the flow of water and shampoo when the hair is rinsed.

Thus the factors that affect the growth of hair in infants and how to care for baby hair is good and right. As parents we do not need to worry about hair growth, as time goes by if we painstakingly care for and pay attention to the nutritional intake of the baby’s hair will grow healthy.…

Various Games That Can Sharpen Child Development

Child education before school is very important to support the learning pattern in entering school when children need stimulation in their development. Stimulation is usually in the form of stimulation through toys and games. Playing will make it easier for children to learn.

Various games that can stimulate child development include:

Playing Social

  • Playing solitary or playing alone, in this game children play regardless of what other children do.
  • Play as an audience or observer, where the child plays alone while observing what is happening around him playing. Maybe the child looks passive but the child can absorb or care enough about what’s happening with his friends.
  • Playing parallel, the form of this game children play together but each one plays alone or not talking between one child and another.
  • Playing associatively, in this game children play together but in this game without purpose or structure. For example a group of children play the role of animals. One becomes a tiger and chases another child. But in that group there were children who actively participated in the game but there were also children who were passive.
  • Cooperative play: ie children play together with roles that complement each other. Where children who are involved interact with each other.

Playing with objects

  • In this game the child plays an object with an explorative purpose, for example, playing with cardboard stacked into a wall.
  • Symbolic play, usually in this game the child uses the power of his imagination. For example, a cardboard box is used or likened to an airplane.
  • Playing with rules, for example games that designate who is in chargeâ €? And who can turn â € œmainâ €, whether it’s running, hiding, jumping rubber and so on. This type of game includes sports such as badminton and soccer.

Playing socio-dramatic

  • In this game children play by imitation, for example imitating the style of a person or a particular object. For example, pretending to be a mother, being buffalo, imitating motion, or imitating sound. This game requires perseverance.

Those are some games that can hone children’s development.…

Tips For Children To Fall Asleep With Sleep

Parents will feel anxious when they find their baby is not calm during sleep, or it can be interpreted as sleeping poorly. We as parents must change such habits, so that children have adequate rest time.

All you need to know as parents is that adequate rest is needed by our children, so that the baby’s fitness is maintained.

Below are some steps that you can try so that your child can sleep well, including:

  • Children will easily sleep when they are full. Try to eat first (1-2 hours) before going to bed. By providing a 1-2 hour span, the baby’s digestion does not work too hard.
  • Use or wear a comfortable nightgown, and give a blanket, then make the room lights will be rather dim. This will make the atmosphere relaxed, so that the child will be calmer.
  • Stop activities that cause noise, so that children are not easily surprised by the noisy sounds.
  • Turn on or listen to calm music.
  • Read a tale before going to bed, or invite a story.
  • Let the child determine his own sleeping position, do not move around. What needs to be maintained or noticed is the head and neck resting or leaning well on the pillow. Try to keep the pillow not too high. The position that is usually preferred is the position of curling to the side just like in the womb.
  • The position that is not recommended in children’s sleep is prone position.
  • This is because the position makes the child’s chest (heart), face, and eyes under pressure.
  • If the baby moves while sleeping, hug his body and give a sense of security and comfort. In this case parents’ readiness is needed.
  • Parents are encouraged to sleep beside the baby. This will have a safe effect on the child’s psychological condition.

Those are some steps that you can try to make the child sleep well and comfortably until morning. May be useful.…

Types And Signs Of Epilepsy And Its Treatment

Epilepsy is a disease caused by genetic factors. But not all epilepsy is caused by genetic factors. In some cases, another thing that causes epilepsy is a brain disorder, such as due to bleeding in the head.

Types of Epilepsy

Epilepsy has several types, including:

1. General idiopathic epilepsy

This type of epilepsy does not show any nervous system abnormalities (brain or spinal cord) that can be identified, either through EEG studies, or MRI, in addition to convulsions. This person with epilepsy has normal intelligence. Generally this disease can be overcome with medication.

2. Partial idiopathic epilepsy

This epilepsy usually occurs in children aged 5-8 years, and has a family with a history of epilepsy. Epilepsy is considered the mildest epilepsy. This epilepsy almost always disappears by itself when entering publicity.

3. General Symptomatic Epilepsy

The cause is widespread brain damage due to injury during birth. In addition to seizures, people with epilepsy often experience other neurological problems, such as mental retardation.

4. Partial Symptomatic Epilepsy

The causes of this disease are local abnormalities and the brain, due to strokes, tumors, trauma, congenital brain abnormalities or sclerosis in innate brain tissue.

Those are some types of epilepsy that are commonly suffered.
Signs of Epilepsy

People with epilepsy usually have the following signs:

1. Empty eye gaze

Children often daydream. The arms and head appear weak or weak, but do not cause the child to lose consciousness.

2. Total seizures

The seizure ranges between 2-5 minutes and can cause the child to fall.

3. Twitching

It usually starts from one finger and palm and then spreads throughout the body.

4. The emergence of “aura”

Children have feelings of confusion, hovering, not focusing on activities, and easily drowsy.

Those are the early signs of a child getting epilepsy.

Handling Epilepsy

Parents should not panic and worry too much, because almost 70% of epilepsy sufferers can be cured.

However, what needs to be observed by parents is that this disease requires long-term treatment. The duration of treatment depends on how heavy the epilepsy is. For mild epilesias it takes 2-3 years to handle, but for severe epilesias it can be up to 5 years or more. Children will be declared free of this disease if there has been no more seizures for up to two years from the last seizure.

The parents are required to be patient with these conditions, and do not need to worry too much, because doctors must have provided continuous handling. And doctors must also have given anti-epileptic drugs.

Our job as parents is to persuade children to want to take continuous medication given by doctors. And parents are advised not to give drugs other than drugs prescribed by doctors, because this can cause the disease to get worse.

Those are some important treatments for parents so that their children are free from epileptic diseases.…

Recipe for Making Rawon

Rawon is a typical food originating from the East Java region.

The basic ingredients of this dish are meat. Rawon is not only liked by the people of East Java, but has become a favorite among some Indonesians, or even foreigners.

For those of you who want to learn to cook rawon, here we will provide a recipe for making rawon.

Material ;

  • 1 kg of brisket
  • 2.5 liters of water
  • Cooking oil
  • 3 cm galangal
  • 7 orange leaves
  • 2 stems of leeks
  • 2 lemongrass (bruised)
  • 1 tablespoon of tamarind juice

Spices are mashed ;

  • 10 pieces of civet, break (take the contents)
  • 17 red onion cloves
  • 9 garlic fruit
  • 2 tablespoons coriander
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tbsp of sugar
  • 2 red chilies
  • 5 cm turmeric
  • Terasi (to taste)

Complementary ;

  • Salted egg, split in two
  • Short bean sprouts, brew then drain
  • Prawn crackers
  • Chili shrimp paste

How to make ;

  • Boil the meat until done, cut into cubes
  • Saute fine herbs until fragrant. Put in the boiled water meat. Add galangal, lime leaves, leeks, lemongrass. Tamarind water.
  • Cover the pan, wait until the meat is tender and the seasoning is absorbed.
  • Serve rawon with a sprinkling of short bean sprouts, complete salted eggs, prawn crackers, and chili paste.

That’s the recipe for making rawon. It’s good to cook rawon the night before, it aims to add to the pleasure because the spices have permeated evenly. May be useful.…

Child Care Patterns That Are Right To Give Birth To A Good Generation

Development of children to achieve optimal needs to also be accompanied by good parenting. Parenting for children is a pattern of behavior or attitude applied by parents when interacting with children. Included here is how to apply the right rules, teach values ​​or norms in everyday life, give full affection, and show good attitudes and behavior in front of children, so that they can be used as examples or role models for their children.

Parenting is greatly influenced by the degree to which parents control their own children. As a parent, don’t be too binding on the child’s health. This will cause children to feel free to be creative, not independent, and even make the child weak because they do not know the rules and habits. If this is the case, these children will grow to be the generation they want and will just do it according to their wishes. Appropriate parenting is a pattern of care that can give children the opportunity to be creative, while giving him a limit so that he still knows about values.

This pattern will make children on one side of the child given the freedom to create, besides that the relationship between parents and children will be harmonious. And on the other hand children are given limits so that they still know, which things are right and what is wrong. In addition to control problems, things related to parenting are the extent to which parents are involved in controlling and applying rules and discipline to children. This pattern consists of 3 types, namely supervising, letting children do their activities and parents fully involved.

To apply this depends on the age and condition of the child. For example children aged 1-3 years parents apply fully involved parenting patterns where children aged 1-3 years still need guidance and direction. For example when wearing clothes parents are still involved. Whereas at the age of 3-6 years, parents gradually adopt a pattern of monitoring and letting go. For example, when a child wears clothes, the parents leave and supervise when there are mistakes in the way the child wears clothes. Parenting also involves the application of punishment, gifts, affection and attention. Where parents should be right when giving gifts and when parents give punishment.

That’s a review of good parenting for children. The right parenting style will bring children to grow with maximum physicality. Of course also balanced with the intake of nutrients with balanced nutrition.…

How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally

Acne is a trivial or mild disease, but can reduce self-confidence for everyone who experiences it.

Acne arises because of the clogging of the pores of the facial skin with dirt, resulting in inflammation and infection. Another cause of acne is a combination of hormonal changes and poor skin hygiene.

Hormonal changes that then stimulate the glands from sebaceous or oil-producing glands also cause acne. In this problem acne usually occurs in adolescents who have just experienced puberty.

There are several ways to get rid of zits, both scientifically and naturally. Below this is one way to get rid of zits naturally.

Materials that need to be prepared:

  • 300 grams of carrots
  • 180 grams of spinach
  • 200 grams of lemon
  • 5 basil leaves

How to make it:

  • Cut the carrots and put them in the blender (process until the carrot becomes smooth)
  • Squeeze the lemon, put it in a blender.
  • Add the spinach and basil leaves, the process again using a blender until soft.
  • Pour into a glass.
  • Give a little ice cubes.
  • The juice is ready to drink.

That’s a natural way to get rid of pimples on your face. It’s good to drink the juice when the morning. May be useful.…

Full of Benefits Consuming Durian

Durian is one type of fruit that is very popular with various groups. Usually durian trees bear fruit once a year. But it is still rare to know that it turns out the fruit has a content that is beneficial to humans.

What are the benefits ???

Here are some benefits of durian:

The Body Is Not Easily Tired

Durian has quite a lot of carbohydrates. In 100 grams of durian fruit can meet the needs of carbohydrates needed by the body by 21%. This means that the human body will instantly have additional energy, and in other words it is useful for humans who have a very energy-consuming schedule.

Reducing Stress or Depression

Vitamin B6 which can produce serotonin is also present in the content of durian fruit. This vitamin can prevent or reduce stress and depression.

Benefits for bones and teeth

Durian fruit also contains calcium, potassium and vitamins B1 and B2 which can drain a variety of important and very needed nutrients to maintain and maintain healthy bones in your teeth.

Blood booster

Durian fruit contains folate, copper and iron. The content is very useful for adding blood, so this fruit is suitable for people who have anemia or lack of blood. However, it would be nice for people who have high blood pressure not to consume durian fruit.

Stabilizing Sugar Levels in Blood

Durian contains manganese. Manganese can play a role in controlling blood sugar levels.

Streamlining digestion

Durian fruit has a fairly high fiber content, so it will facilitate the digestive process. So you do not need to worry about constipation or constipation.

Nutrition for the skin

Durian also contains vitamin C, where vitamin C is needed to ward off free radicals and premature aging. Your skin and face will look young.

So a little description of the benefits of durian fruit that you really enjoy. Hopefully you know more about it. This is useful to add to your experience. Hopefully it will become a reference for durian connoisseurs.…

The Right Steps to Start a Business

Already bored and bored with work routines with other people or a company? Do you think you have a business?

If the answer to the question above is yes, then we must know and learn the right steps to start. Because if not, the business we run might actually be a loss.…