Some Types of Allergies That Occur In Children

Allergies in children are familiar to us. allergies not only in one part of the body but can occur in several other parts of the body. The following are all kinds of allergies and their explanation:

Digestive allergies

Digestive allergies generally occur in infants aged 1-2 years where allergies are generally caused by food or drink intake. The form of allergies is usually shown as diarrhea or vomiting. The fix is ​​given ORS and drink a lot. If it is still breastfed, give it as much as possible.

Respiratory allergy

Generally, this allergy is caused due to air containing dust, even weather can be a trigger like the transition season. Respiratory allergies usually occur at the age of a toddler. The form of allergies is asthma, itchy nose, sneezing and runny nose. A typical form of allergy is a child suffering from shortness of breath. If you know that your child suddenly suffers from such symptoms, you should not treat yourself. It would be better to consult with your doctor first.

Allergy to the skin

Itchy skin accompanied by redness is a form of allergy that occurs on the skin. Generally, the skin that is affected by allergies is skin that is dry dry. The causes of this allergy are dust, mold, mites and even from food. Skin allergies that occur in children make their life cycle disturbed, especially during sleep. Itching makes the skin uncomfortable so it can’t sleep well. Even children who suffer from skin allergies will be fussy because of uncomfortable itching. This allergy can be overcome with anti-itchy powder, but only temporarily, the powder fades the skin, it will itch again. It is good to consult your doctor.

Morning allergy (rhinitis)

This allergy is classified as a mild allergy. Where this allergy is caused due to cold weather in the morning, weather changes can also occur because the air is filled with mites or dust. The form of this allergy symptom is sneezing especially in the morning, the nose feels itchy, and the nose secretes a clear snot. Usually this allergy will disappear during the daytime.

Allergy to eyes

Eye allergy is closely related to nasal allergies, where when sneezing the eyes will become red and runny. This allergy is caused by contact with the outside environment which has a lot of dust, pollution and so on. Handling eye allergies, the trigger is removed.

Those are the kinds of allergies that occur in children. May be useful.…

Sunbathing and Papaya Fruit is Important for Children


Sunlight in the morning can form vitamin D in the body, thus helping the process of bone and muscle growth. Besides being beneficial for health, sunbathing in the morning can also improve the atmosphere and help your child to calm down.

Sunbathing during the day needs to do the following:

  • Choose the location of the morning sunlight.
  • The right time of the little sun is between 7-9 or before 10 o’clock.
  • Let your baby’s body come in direct contact with the sun, but avoid the sunlight on his face. For newborns, you should wear a hat.
  • Start sunbathing in a few minutes. Then the time increases gradually. When a 3 month old baby can sunbathe for about half an hour.
  • So that your child does not feel bored, it is best to sunbathe while you play.
  • If you sweat after sunbathing, use a soft cotton swab to wipe the sweat.

Papaya, a Fruit that Is Important for Your Little One

Papaya is not only sweet and delicious fruit. but papaya fruit has high nutritional value because it contains vitamins A, B, C and E. Papaya is also a source of fiber and folic acid. Vitamin A content in papaya is higher compared to carrots. Vitamin C is also higher than oranges.

Papaya can facilitate defecation and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Papaya fruit is generally worn on babies aged 7-8 months. The right way to serve it is to prepare several pieces of ripe papaya as needed. Wash, peel, remove seeds and hard parts. then cut or puree.

Those two things are considered trivial but very important for the little one. May be useful.…

What To Do If Children Emulate the Bad Habits of Other Children

The habit of imitating the behavior of other children often occurs in school-age children, namely between the ages of 6-12 years. Children like this have not been able to think about the good or bad that is imitated, they think as long as it is fun they will emulate both dirty speech and unpleasant behavior that other children do.

As parents, you should instill positive values ​​in your home, this is to avoid that children are not easily affected by negative things outside, such as teaching to say polite to anyone regardless of their social status and towards older people. In addition, establish communication with children, where smooth communication between parents and children can be an effective medium to block the negative influence of the environment.

The behavior of imitating other children’s habits does not only occur in children who often play outside, but children who rarely leave the house can also be affected by the negative things of other friends who come from cyberspace. He got an example of vocabulary that was not appropriate from the status of his friends. To avoid this, you should not equip children with mobile phones with internet connections. If forced to use mobile phones or the like with an internet connection put in an open space in the house. this is to make it easier for parents to watch him.

Every parent certainly does not want to have bad children, especially those affected by other children’s bad habits. And if it’s already done, try doing the steps as follows:

  • Encourage children to have discussions such as talking slowly and gently to the child to find out where the negative influences come from. Avoid harsh and angry words in interrogation, because then the child becomes provoked to act again.
  • Give a logical explanation after clearly the cause of the problem so that the child understands the intentions of his parents and knows which is the right thing to do for his age.
  • Implementing the rules together, if the child does not want to do personal activities such as lazy to take a bath because it mimics the habits of his friends. If this gives the consequences you want to choose and reward or praise after successfully doing it.
  • Make an agreement that must be held as a commitment until finally making a positive habit.
  • In very extreme cases like very bad environments where many children often get drunk, children play timeless, rude and dirty words. The steps taken are moving the house into the only way.

That is the steps that need to be done by parents so that children are not affected by other friends negative things, and steps that need to be taken if the child has been affected by negative things from other friends. May be useful.…

Tips on How to Take Care of the Right Baby Hair

Naturally, if we are confused with baby hair apart from being smooth and soft, baby hair often makes mothers anxious about its growth. There are long black ones, but some are thin and red.

Baby hair growth is influenced by several things including:

  • Genetic factors. This cannot be manipulated because this factor is very influential from his parents.
  • Nutrition intake. What is meant here is that if the child is malnourished the hair will look dry, red, and easily fall out.
  • The influence of hormones such as babies at birth who have dense hair is probably due to the influence of the endogenous hormones from their mothers.
  • Environmental factors also affect baby’s hair, where high levels of pollution and sun exposure can cause damaged hair. In addition, unhygienic environmental factors can cause dandruff and seborrhea which can make hair loss.

In addition to hair growth is influenced by several factors, baby hair is also influenced by how to care for it. The treatment of baby’s scalp and hair is very important and very simple, which is enough to cure it

The best and right ways to massage baby hair are as follows:

  • Rub gently with gentle movements to the entire scalp, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water or room temperature.
  • For small babies, wet your hair with a fine spray or by pouring a cup of water. Add one two drops of shampoo and rub gently until foamy. Do not shampoo about his eyes. Rinse thoroughly with a spray or a cup of water.
  • For babies who can stand up, use a special hat that protects the eyes from the flow of water and shampoo when the hair is rinsed.

Thus the factors that affect the growth of hair in infants and how to care for baby hair is good and right. As parents we do not need to worry about hair growth, as time goes by if we painstakingly care for and pay attention to the nutritional intake of the baby’s hair will grow healthy.…

Various Games That Can Sharpen Child Development

Child education before school is very important to support the learning pattern in entering school when children need stimulation in their development. Stimulation is usually in the form of stimulation through toys and games. Playing will make it easier for children to learn.

Various games that can stimulate child development include:

Playing Social

  • Playing solitary or playing alone, in this game children play regardless of what other children do.
  • Play as an audience or observer, where the child plays alone while observing what is happening around him playing. Maybe the child looks passive but the child can absorb or care enough about what’s happening with his friends.
  • Playing parallel, the form of this game children play together but each one plays alone or not talking between one child and another.
  • Playing associatively, in this game children play together but in this game without purpose or structure. For example a group of children play the role of animals. One becomes a tiger and chases another child. But in that group there were children who actively participated in the game but there were also children who were passive.
  • Cooperative play: ie children play together with roles that complement each other. Where children who are involved interact with each other.

Playing with objects

  • In this game the child plays an object with an explorative purpose, for example, playing with cardboard stacked into a wall.
  • Symbolic play, usually in this game the child uses the power of his imagination. For example, a cardboard box is used or likened to an airplane.
  • Playing with rules, for example games that designate who is in chargeâ €? And who can turn â € œmainâ €, whether it’s running, hiding, jumping rubber and so on. This type of game includes sports such as badminton and soccer.

Playing socio-dramatic

  • In this game children play by imitation, for example imitating the style of a person or a particular object. For example, pretending to be a mother, being buffalo, imitating motion, or imitating sound. This game requires perseverance.

Those are some games that can hone children’s development.…

Tips For Children To Fall Asleep With Sleep

Parents will feel anxious when they find their baby is not calm during sleep, or it can be interpreted as sleeping poorly. We as parents must change such habits, so that children have adequate rest time.

All you need to know as parents is that adequate rest is needed by our children, so that the baby’s fitness is maintained.

Below are some steps that you can try so that your child can sleep well, including:

  • Children will easily sleep when they are full. Try to eat first (1-2 hours) before going to bed. By providing a 1-2 hour span, the baby’s digestion does not work too hard.
  • Use or wear a comfortable nightgown, and give a blanket, then make the room lights will be rather dim. This will make the atmosphere relaxed, so that the child will be calmer.
  • Stop activities that cause noise, so that children are not easily surprised by the noisy sounds.
  • Turn on or listen to calm music.
  • Read a tale before going to bed, or invite a story.
  • Let the child determine his own sleeping position, do not move around. What needs to be maintained or noticed is the head and neck resting or leaning well on the pillow. Try to keep the pillow not too high. The position that is usually preferred is the position of curling to the side just like in the womb.
  • The position that is not recommended in children’s sleep is prone position.
  • This is because the position makes the child’s chest (heart), face, and eyes under pressure.
  • If the baby moves while sleeping, hug his body and give a sense of security and comfort. In this case parents’ readiness is needed.
  • Parents are encouraged to sleep beside the baby. This will have a safe effect on the child’s psychological condition.

Those are some steps that you can try to make the child sleep well and comfortably until morning. May be useful.…

Child Care Patterns That Are Right To Give Birth To A Good Generation

Development of children to achieve optimal needs to also be accompanied by good parenting. Parenting for children is a pattern of behavior or attitude applied by parents when interacting with children. Included here is how to apply the right rules, teach values ​​or norms in everyday life, give full affection, and show good attitudes and behavior in front of children, so that they can be used as examples or role models for their children.

Parenting is greatly influenced by the degree to which parents control their own children. As a parent, don’t be too binding on the child’s health. This will cause children to feel free to be creative, not independent, and even make the child weak because they do not know the rules and habits. If this is the case, these children will grow to be the generation they want and will just do it according to their wishes. Appropriate parenting is a pattern of care that can give children the opportunity to be creative, while giving him a limit so that he still knows about values.

This pattern will make children on one side of the child given the freedom to create, besides that the relationship between parents and children will be harmonious. And on the other hand children are given limits so that they still know, which things are right and what is wrong. In addition to control problems, things related to parenting are the extent to which parents are involved in controlling and applying rules and discipline to children. This pattern consists of 3 types, namely supervising, letting children do their activities and parents fully involved.

To apply this depends on the age and condition of the child. For example children aged 1-3 years parents apply fully involved parenting patterns where children aged 1-3 years still need guidance and direction. For example when wearing clothes parents are still involved. Whereas at the age of 3-6 years, parents gradually adopt a pattern of monitoring and letting go. For example, when a child wears clothes, the parents leave and supervise when there are mistakes in the way the child wears clothes. Parenting also involves the application of punishment, gifts, affection and attention. Where parents should be right when giving gifts and when parents give punishment.

That’s a review of good parenting for children. The right parenting style will bring children to grow with maximum physicality. Of course also balanced with the intake of nutrients with balanced nutrition.…