What To Avoid When Discussing With Stubborn People

Having a stubborn partner is almost desperate for some people to face it. But as long as we know someone with a stubborn character can be overcome with a number of things, that is, use a calm mind and avoid things like mcfol the following:

Be tough and grumpy

Such communication is avoided even though it cannot run effectively and only makes an ego fight. A stubborn couple is quite emotional like a fire so don’t be on the opponent with fire too. One thing that although stressed when facing a stubborn partner is the goal we are talking to mcfol, namely to compromise to find the best way, not a matter of winning or losing in speaking.

Don’t fail about what the couple wants

The discussion room needs to be opened in a healthy manner by giving praise for his thoughts. Don’t blame the way couples see a problem. Everyone must be happy if given a compliment because the person feels more valued.

Both do not have clear shared goals

Every good husband and wife help each other and understand common desires. So make sure you have a common goal.

Don’t always obey his wishes

Express it well without being addressed angrily if we always lose and obey his wishes. Practice being able to express what you want.

Avoid playing, stay away when compromising

This is even though it is avoided because it will not solve the problem. Accept what is expressed by the couple. Don’t put it in your heart if the words sound painful. Just listening to his opinion, without a lot of comments can make the partner’s emotions become relaxed. After an automatic relax the partner can be invited to compromise.

Those are the steps that need to be avoided if compromising with a partner. May be useful at mcfol.…