Some Types of Allergies That Occur In Children

Allergies in children are familiar to us. allergies not only in one part of the body but can occur in several other parts of the body. The following are all kinds of allergies and their explanation:

Digestive allergies

Digestive allergies generally occur in infants aged 1-2 years where allergies are generally caused by food or drink intake. The form of allergies is usually shown as diarrhea or vomiting. The fix is ​​given ORS and drink a lot. If it is still breastfed, give it as much as possible.

Respiratory allergy

Generally, this allergy is caused due to air containing dust, even weather can be a trigger like the transition season. Respiratory allergies usually occur at the age of a toddler. The form of allergies is asthma, itchy nose, sneezing and runny nose. A typical form of allergy is a child suffering from shortness of breath. If you know that your child suddenly suffers from such symptoms, you should not treat yourself. It would be better to consult with your doctor first.

Allergy to the skin

Itchy skin accompanied by redness is a form of allergy that occurs on the skin. Generally, the skin that is affected by allergies is skin that is dry dry. The causes of this allergy are dust, mold, mites and even from food. Skin allergies that occur in children make their life cycle disturbed, especially during sleep. Itching makes the skin uncomfortable so it can’t sleep well. Even children who suffer from skin allergies will be fussy because of uncomfortable itching. This allergy can be overcome with anti-itchy powder, but only temporarily, the powder fades the skin, it will itch again. It is good to consult your doctor.

Morning allergy (rhinitis)

This allergy is classified as a mild allergy. Where this allergy is caused due to cold weather in the morning, weather changes can also occur because the air is filled with mites or dust. The form of this allergy symptom is sneezing especially in the morning, the nose feels itchy, and the nose secretes a clear snot. Usually this allergy will disappear during the daytime.

Allergy to eyes

Eye allergy is closely related to nasal allergies, where when sneezing the eyes will become red and runny. This allergy is caused by contact with the outside environment which has a lot of dust, pollution and so on. Handling eye allergies, the trigger is removed.

Those are the kinds of allergies that occur in children. May be useful.

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