What To Do If Children Emulate the Bad Habits of Other Children

The habit of imitating the behavior of other children often occurs in school-age children, namely between the ages of 6-12 years. Children like this have not been able to think about the good or bad that is imitated, they think as long as it is fun they will emulate both dirty speech and unpleasant behavior that other children do.

As parents, you should instill positive values ​​in your home, this is to avoid that children are not easily affected by negative things outside, such as teaching to say polite to anyone regardless of their social status and towards older people. In addition, establish communication with children, where smooth communication between parents and children can be an effective medium to block the negative influence of the environment.

The behavior of imitating other children’s habits does not only occur in children who often play outside, but children who rarely leave the house can also be affected by the negative things of other friends who come from cyberspace. He got an example of vocabulary that was not appropriate from the status of his friends. To avoid this, you should not equip children with mobile phones with internet connections. If forced to use mobile phones or the like with an internet connection put in an open space in the house. this is to make it easier for parents to watch him.

Every parent certainly does not want to have bad children, especially those affected by other children’s bad habits. And if it’s already done, try doing the steps as follows:

  • Encourage children to have discussions such as talking slowly and gently to the child to find out where the negative influences come from. Avoid harsh and angry words in interrogation, because then the child becomes provoked to act again.
  • Give a logical explanation after clearly the cause of the problem so that the child understands the intentions of his parents and knows which is the right thing to do for his age.
  • Implementing the rules together, if the child does not want to do personal activities such as lazy to take a bath because it mimics the habits of his friends. If this gives the consequences you want to choose and reward or praise after successfully doing it.
  • Make an agreement that must be held as a commitment until finally making a positive habit.
  • In very extreme cases like very bad environments where many children often get drunk, children play timeless, rude and dirty words. The steps taken are moving the house into the only way.

That is the steps that need to be done by parents so that children are not affected by other friends negative things, and steps that need to be taken if the child has been affected by negative things from other friends. May be useful.

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