10 Foods That are Very Well Consumed by Pregnant Women

It is important for pregnant women to control their nutritional intake. A good nutritional intake can protect pregnancy from a variety of problems, in addition to adequate fetal intake in the womb will also be healthy even if born will become a baby who can grow optimally. Some pregnant women still feel confused about what needs to be eaten and not to eat because of the many myths and facts that develop in the community.

Here are some of the best foods that should be consumed by pregnant women:

Dark colored vegetables

Dark colored vegetables are a good food for pregnant women because they contain folic acid. In addition to dark vegetables, folic acid can also be found in fruits, milk, liver, kidney beans, egg yolks and cereals. The recommended requirements are 600 micrograms per day for more info at harga promo.

Folic acid has the benefit of being able to play a role in the formation of the fetal nervous system in early pregnancy and reduce cases of fetal nerve tube damage.

Sea food

Omega 3 or DHA is abundant in marine fish. This content can also be found in meat, egg yolks, and milk that DHAs provide. Omega 3 benefits can play an important role in the growth of the fetal brain, where 60% of the brain consists of fat. DHA deficiency can disrupt fetal growth. And for the mother DHA is needed for the normal development of the placenta.


Potatoes containing iodine are also common in tuna, strawberries and cheese. Iodine is very important because it can act as a raw material for the production of the thyroxine hormone for fetal physical growth and brain development hargapromosupermarket.com.


Oranges can prevent premature rupture of the membranes, help absorb nutrients (including iron) in the intestine and promote blood flow. This is because oranges contain vitamin C, where vitamin C is found in other sources such as papaya, kiwi, tomatoes, and strawberries.

Carrots and tomatoes.

The content of vitamin A in carrots and tomatoes can increase the immune system of the mother who is pregnant and can also play a role in fetal growth. Other sources can be found in green vegetables, liver, eggs, and processed cheese products.

Red meat

Red meat has a high iron content. In mama, pregnant women really need iron in the formation of red blood cells to carry oxygen and food essence from mother to fetus. If iron deficiency can cause anemia and interfere with fetal brain formation. In addition to iron-red meat can also be found in tempeh, shrimp, chicken and kidney beans.


Protein in chicken has the benefit of forming fetal cells for growth. Protein is very important, especially during the second and third trimesters. Proteins can also be obtained from other sources such as cheese, meat, meat, beans and eggs.


Eggs contain vitamin D which is useful to help absorb calcium for fetal bones and teeth. Other sources can be obtained in the morning sun, skim milk and salmon.

Dairy products

Milk contains calcium which is useful as a material forming fetal bones. If food intake is lacking, calcium will be taken from the mother’s calcium reserves, so that this can increase bone loss.

Well, that’s a variety of types of food that are very well consumed by pregnant women. May be useful hargapromosupermarket.com.

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Spinach Perkedel Recipe

Spinach can not only be processed as a clear dish, spinach can also be made into rolade chips and even a nice cake. Here are spinach recipes that you can try at home to add to your family’s food menu.

Material :

  • Potatoes, cut into pieces, fry puree (450 grams)
  • Spinach, brewed, finely sliced ​​(1 bunch / 100 grams)
  • Fried onion (3 tablespoons)
  • Fried garlic, puree (2 cloves)
  • Leeks, finely sliced ​​(1 pair)
  • Egg (1 granule)
  • Salt (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Mrica powder (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Sand sugar (1 / 2sheets)
  • 2 egg whites, whipped off for coating
  • The oil for frying.

How to make :

  • Mix potatoes, spinach, fried shallots, fried garlic, leeks, eggs, salt, mrica powder, nutmeg powder, and sugar. Fight until smooth.
  • Take a little mixture of potatoes. Flat round shape. Dip into egg white.
  • Fry in oil that has been heated over medium heat until cooked
  • Ready to be served.

That’s an easy way to make spinach cakes. Hopefully useful for you.

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Some Types of Allergies That Occur In Children

Allergies in children are familiar to us. allergies not only in one part of the body but can occur in several other parts of the body. The following are all kinds of allergies and their explanation:

Digestive allergies

Digestive allergies generally occur in infants aged 1-2 years where allergies are generally caused by food or drink intake. The form of allergies is usually shown as diarrhea or vomiting. The fix is ​​given ORS and drink a lot. If it is still breastfed, give it as much as possible.

Respiratory allergy

Generally, this allergy is caused due to air containing dust, even weather can be a trigger like the transition season. Respiratory allergies usually occur at the age of a toddler. The form of allergies is asthma, itchy nose, sneezing and runny nose. A typical form of allergy is a child suffering from shortness of breath. If you know that your child suddenly suffers from such symptoms, you should not treat yourself. It would be better to consult with your doctor first.

Allergy to the skin

Itchy skin accompanied by redness is a form of allergy that occurs on the skin. Generally, the skin that is affected by allergies is skin that is dry dry. The causes of this allergy are dust, mold, mites and even from food. Skin allergies that occur in children make their life cycle disturbed, especially during sleep. Itching makes the skin uncomfortable so it can’t sleep well. Even children who suffer from skin allergies will be fussy because of uncomfortable itching. This allergy can be overcome with anti-itchy powder, but only temporarily, the powder fades the skin, it will itch again. It is good to consult your doctor.

Morning allergy (rhinitis)

This allergy is classified as a mild allergy. Where this allergy is caused due to cold weather in the morning, weather changes can also occur because the air is filled with mites or dust. The form of this allergy symptom is sneezing especially in the morning, the nose feels itchy, and the nose secretes a clear snot. Usually this allergy will disappear during the daytime.

Allergy to eyes

Eye allergy is closely related to nasal allergies, where when sneezing the eyes will become red and runny. This allergy is caused by contact with the outside environment which has a lot of dust, pollution and so on. Handling eye allergies, the trigger is removed.

Those are the kinds of allergies that occur in children. May be useful.

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Sunbathing and Papaya Fruit is Important for Children


Sunlight in the morning can form vitamin D in the body, thus helping the process of bone and muscle growth. Besides being beneficial for health, sunbathing in the morning can also improve the atmosphere and help your child to calm down.

Sunbathing during the day needs to do the following:

  • Choose the location of the morning sunlight.
  • The right time of the little sun is between 7-9 or before 10 o’clock.
  • Let your baby’s body come in direct contact with the sun, but avoid the sunlight on his face. For newborns, you should wear a hat.
  • Start sunbathing in a few minutes. Then the time increases gradually. When a 3 month old baby can sunbathe for about half an hour.
  • So that your child does not feel bored, it is best to sunbathe while you play.
  • If you sweat after sunbathing, use a soft cotton swab to wipe the sweat.

Papaya, a Fruit that Is Important for Your Little One

Papaya is not only sweet and delicious fruit. but papaya fruit has high nutritional value because it contains vitamins A, B, C and E. Papaya is also a source of fiber and folic acid. Vitamin A content in papaya is higher compared to carrots. Vitamin C is also higher than oranges.

Papaya can facilitate defecation and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Papaya fruit is generally worn on babies aged 7-8 months. The right way to serve it is to prepare several pieces of ripe papaya as needed. Wash, peel, remove seeds and hard parts. then cut or puree.

Those two things are considered trivial but very important for the little one. May be useful.

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What To Do If Children Emulate the Bad Habits of Other Children

The habit of imitating the behavior of other children often occurs in school-age children, namely between the ages of 6-12 years. Children like this have not been able to think about the good or bad that is imitated, they think as long as it is fun they will emulate both dirty speech and unpleasant behavior that other children do.

As parents, you should instill positive values ​​in your home, this is to avoid that children are not easily affected by negative things outside, such as teaching to say polite to anyone regardless of their social status and towards older people. In addition, establish communication with children, where smooth communication between parents and children can be an effective medium to block the negative influence of the environment.

The behavior of imitating other children’s habits does not only occur in children who often play outside, but children who rarely leave the house can also be affected by the negative things of other friends who come from cyberspace. He got an example of vocabulary that was not appropriate from the status of his friends. To avoid this, you should not equip children with mobile phones with internet connections. If forced to use mobile phones or the like with an internet connection put in an open space in the house. this is to make it easier for parents to watch him.

Every parent certainly does not want to have bad children, especially those affected by other children’s bad habits. And if it’s already done, try doing the steps as follows:

  • Encourage children to have discussions such as talking slowly and gently to the child to find out where the negative influences come from. Avoid harsh and angry words in interrogation, because then the child becomes provoked to act again.
  • Give a logical explanation after clearly the cause of the problem so that the child understands the intentions of his parents and knows which is the right thing to do for his age.
  • Implementing the rules together, if the child does not want to do personal activities such as lazy to take a bath because it mimics the habits of his friends. If this gives the consequences you want to choose and reward or praise after successfully doing it.
  • Make an agreement that must be held as a commitment until finally making a positive habit.
  • In very extreme cases like very bad environments where many children often get drunk, children play timeless, rude and dirty words. The steps taken are moving the house into the only way.

That is the steps that need to be done by parents so that children are not affected by other friends negative things, and steps that need to be taken if the child has been affected by negative things from other friends. May be useful.

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10 Poison Antidote Plants

Air pollution does not only come from the smoke of factories or motorized vehicles. Without knowing pollution that brings harmful substances to the body can come from inside the house such as on the bed, in the kitchen, in the room, to the office where the air will be inhaled when we move or work.

Without being aware of many objects or fumes around us that can be a source of poison gas including paint, lacquer, cleaning fluid, cigarette smoke, ink vapor, plastic, detergents and others. Such poisons can trigger diseases such as irritation, respiratory problems and even worse can cause cancer.

Ornamental plants have a function not only to decorate the room but can be useful as an air neutralizer. Certainly not any ornamental plant that has a function as above. The following kinds of ornamental plants that function as antidotes to poisons:


These ornamental plants are often placed inside the house because these plants can grow in conditions where the water and sunlight are small. The characteristics of this plant are thick and contain lots of water. Tongue-in-law has the privilege of being resistant to drought and having high adaptability to its environment. Based on the research of this plant naturally this plant is able to fight sick building syndrome. Besides that, ammpu absorbs more than 107 elements of harmful pollutants in the air. The right way to place this planting is at the guest corner to overcome cigarette smoke from visiting guests.

Aloe vera

In addition to the tongue-in-law, an ornamental plant called aloe vera is also able to absorb various types of pollutants in the air.


Hibiscus is able to absorb nitrogen, so that our lungs become relieved. But do not ever plant this flower near the radiography because this plant functions to continue radiation so that it is dangerous for people around the radiographic site.


Although this plant has a terrible thorn but this ornamental plant is able to ward off radicals that are harmful to health such as those originating from computers. Then place this ornamental plant near objects that emit radiation.

Although this plant has a terrible thorn but this ornamental plant is able to ward off radicals that are harmful to health such as those originating from computers. Then place this ornamental plant near objects that emit radiation.

Yellow palm

Yellow palm is a plant that can absorb the highest toxins among other plants. Small yellow palms are very suitable to be placed inside the house and large plants on the roadside because these plants are very effective for absorbing toxic gases from vehicle and factory fumes. If placed in the house you should place it in the garage of the house to cope with toxic gases from vehicle fumes.

AM (carriage)

This plant has anti-bacterial ability so it has the ability to absorb very high toxins. Among the most absorbed are poisons derived from the type of formaldehyde sourced from glue or plasterboard in the ceiling of the house. This plant should be placed in a corner of the room to cope with pollutants from plasterboard to get a healthier and better sleep.

Lili paris

Place this plant in the corner of the kitchen to absorb pollutants from smoke when cooking. This plant is a type of plant that does not like direct sunlight. Lili paris is also able to clean the air from various pollutant substances such as cigarette smoke, deodorants, and cosmetics.

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Healthy Recipes of Banana Steamed Cake

How to treat healthy foods is by steaming or boiling. This method can minimize the addition of excess fat. According to research processing food by steaming or boiling can help the body fight diabetes.

Here is one of the recipes that are steamed.

Banana Steamed Cake


  • Banana horn / jackfruit banana (2 fruits), round slices, steamed.
  • Rice flour (150 grams)
  • Sand sugar (150)
  • Coconut milk (450ml)
  • Vanilla essence (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Pandan leaves (2 sheets)
  • Sago flour (20gram)
  • Santan (200ml)
  • Red sago pearls (50 grams)
  • Salt to taste.

Ingredients for gravy:

  • Thick coconut (100ml)
  • Maize flour (2 tablespoons)
  • Sugar (2 tablespoons)

How to make:

  • Boil the pearl sago until cooked and soak it in cold water, remove the drain.
  • Dissolve the sago flour into 200 ml of coconut milk, set aside.
  • Dissolve rice flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, essence and pandan leaves into 450 ml coconut milk. Cook while stirring until smooth, remove.
  • Then enter the sago flour solution, stirring until well blended. Add red pearl sago, stir again.
  • Pour the mixture into a plastic cucing mold that has been greased. Place the banana on top.
  • Then steam for 15 minutes with medium heat until cooked
  • Kuah areh: cook coconut milk, cornstarch, and granulated sugar while stirring until boiling.
  • Remove the banana cake from the mold. Flush the areh sauce on it.
  • Special banana cakes are ready to be served.

Likewise resp makes delicious steamed cakes, hopefully it will be a benefit for all of you.

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What To Avoid When Discussing With Stubborn People

Having a stubborn partner is almost desperate for some people to face it. But as long as we know someone with a stubborn character can be overcome with a number of things, that is, use a calm mind and avoid things like mcfol the following:

Be tough and grumpy

Such communication is avoided even though it cannot run effectively and only makes an ego fight. A stubborn couple is quite emotional like a fire so don’t be on the opponent with fire too. One thing that although stressed when facing a stubborn partner is the goal we are talking to mcfol, namely to compromise to find the best way, not a matter of winning or losing in speaking.

Don’t fail about what the couple wants

The discussion room needs to be opened in a healthy manner by giving praise for his thoughts. Don’t blame the way couples see a problem. Everyone must be happy if given a compliment because the person feels more valued.

Both do not have clear shared goals

Every good husband and wife help each other and understand common desires. So make sure you have a common goal.

Don’t always obey his wishes

Express it well without being addressed angrily if we always lose and obey his wishes. Practice being able to express what you want.

Avoid playing, stay away when compromising

This is even though it is avoided because it will not solve the problem. Accept what is expressed by the couple. Don’t put it in your heart if the words sound painful. Just listening to his opinion, without a lot of comments can make the partner’s emotions become relaxed. After an automatic relax the partner can be invited to compromise.

Those are the steps that need to be avoided if compromising with a partner. May be useful at mcfol.

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Natural Tips to Prevent Blackheads in the Face

Smooth and clean face is the dream of all womenfolk. Pimples or blackheads arise that really interfere with appearance. Blackheads and zits are two continuous elements, where blackheads that are not immediately handled will grow into zits. Blackheads are solid fat due to the production of excessive fat glands that clog the hair glands in the infundibulum area. Blackheads arise due to several things such as genetic factors, hormonal abnormalities, chocolate, late sleep habits, use of cosmetics, and so forth.

All blackheads can potentially become acne. Acne that has already appeared must be handled properly and correctly so as not to imprint. We recommend that you consult a doctor who is an expert in the field. Acne that is self-treated or pressed can result in scarring.

The practical way of removing blackheads is by using blackheads extract (a special tool used to remove blackheads). While histopathologically blackheads can only be removed in two ways, namely: chemically and physically.

Before comedones appear it is better to do prevention naturally as below :

  • Maintain skin moisture.
  • Wear cosmetics properly and correctly, avoid overuse.
  • Applying a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep, avoiding stress, and regular exercise.
  • Eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits.
  • Cleansing facial skin is like washing your face regularly 3-4 times a day.
  • If blackheads or pimples have already appeared, avoid using drugs arbitrarily to eliminate them.
  • Thorough or critical of cosmetics products offered either from friends, relatives, or buy it yourself.

That is a precautionary step before blackheads appear to keep the face healthy and clean. may be useful.

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Make Delicious Tempe Mendoan

Tempe is a food that is very popular with Indonesian people. Maybe tempeh is known as a simple food, but it turns out in tempeh there are various ingredients that are very beneficial for humans, such as energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin B1. All of these ingredients are very beneficial for the human body (if consumed properly).

Tempeh can be used as a variety of dishes, such as tempe bacem, tempeh soup, fried tempeh, etc. Now what we will discuss is processing tempeh by frying it, fried tempeh is usually called tempe mendoan. If the method of cooking fried tempeh is done correctly, it will produce savory, delicious and delicious tempeh (so it is suitable for making coffee / tea drinking or can also be made as a rice dish).

For those of you who are used to frying tempeh, but the results are still not satisfactory, then follow the suggestions on how to make tempe mendoan as follows:

Tempe mendoan

Material :

  • 8 tempeh, cut thin and slightly wide
  • Wheat flour (150 grams)
  • Chives are sufficient (to taste), thinly sliced
  • White water (150 cc)
  • Oil for frying (roughly)


  • Garlic (3 cloves)
  • Shallot (2 cloves)
  • Powdered coriander (1 tsp)
  • Kencur and turmeric (just a little)
  • Pecan (1-2 items)
  • Salt to taste

How to make :

  • Blend all the spices first, rub until evenly distributed
  • Prepare water and then enter the flour and seasoning that has been smooth
  • Add onion slices
  • Put the tempeh back and forth so that the spices infuse evenly
  • Heat cooking oil
  • Then tempeh is ready to be fried
  • Fry for – / + 5 minutes, keeping from burning
  • Tempe mendoan is ready to be served

Easy and simple, not how to make delicious and tasty tempeh mendoan? Good luck and hopefully the brief description has benefits for all.

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